GH #2 Reflection

For my Genius hour, I did a presentation on the different kinds of animation and the history of animation. I chose it because I like watching animated movies and shows. I learn many things about animation’s history, including about early forms of projection and moving picture. I also learned about when the first animation studios came out and what the first animated films were. Also, I learned about many different styles animation. This experience made me better appreciate the amount of work that goes into animation, especially for older films. I also became more interested in making animation. I didn’t change much from the previous presentation, but I ended up using less pictures, which was definitely negative. For the next project I will try to put much more pictures. The presentation probably won’t help many people, but it could help people discover an interest in animation. That way, they may get a hobby in the field or even a job. For my third project, I will do a presentation on the European Immigration crisis. I hope that this future presentation will make people more aware of it. Link to Animation Project.


Walt Disney Studios. Steamboat Willie. Poster. Walt Disney Studios, 1928. Web January 24 2016


Media and Its Impact

Media is all around us- on the internet, on T.V, on billboards, even on T-shirts. Media targets every possible demographic in order to sell their product. However, children are the most at risks from being manipulated by it. It is thought that violent programs can lead to violent behavior and that excessive television watching can result in obesity. Watching television can also cause people to want to be like what they see on television. The large amounts of advertising often lead to consumerism and consumption of unhealthy foods. Combined with the lack of exercising, this can lead to health problems. Young children tend to not be able to tell the difference between ads and programs. Even though video games can improve motor skills, it is sometimes thought that they can influence children’s view on violence. What children see on the internet or on T.V can influence their views on the world. Explicit material can be detrimental to a child’s development. Sometimes forms of media can be distant from reality in terms of representation of certain groups. Adult material can show up in media products intended for a younger audience. On the other hand, ads and media can be used to send positive messages, such as ads about the dangers of certain drugs. Certain educational programs can also have positive affects on youth.

“Impact of media use on children and youth”. Pediatrics and Child Health.  PMC, 2003. Web. 29- January 2016.

Greek Mythology

“Zeus Jupiter.” The Bard Blog. Wikispaces, n.d Web 12 January 2016.

Due to my father being Greek, I have a large interest in Greek mythology. According to mythology, in the beginning, there was a being called Chaos. According to Hesiod’s Theogeny, more beings spontaneously appeared, including Gaea, the earth. Gaea creates two partners: Pontus the sea, and Ouranos the sky.

Next comes the times of the first gods and titans. Gaea mates with Pontus and they produce the first sea gods. Gaea also chooses Ouranos as her partner, and from this three generations of children are born. However, when Ouranos imprisons the other children, Gaea sends Cronus to destroy his father. his bits falling into the sea, and the goddess Aphrodite(love) is born. However, Rhea was predicted to give birth to a child that would overthrow Cronus, so when she gave birth, Cronus ate the baby whole, and continued to do so whenever she gave birth. Their children were:

  • Hestia
  • Demeter
  • Hera
  • Hades
  • Poseidon
  • Zeus

By the time the sixth child is born, Rhea replaces him with a rock, sending him away without Cronus noticing. When the baby, named Zeus, grows into an adult, he slices Cronus open and frees his siblings. Then, the gods wage war on the titans and win. The world’s realms are divided between the Olympian brothers: Zeus gets the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld. Hera becomes Zeus’s wife. Their children included Ares(war) and Hephaestus(weapons). However, Zeus was not a very loyal husband, and so his affairs produce more children, like Athena(wisdom), Apollo(art,music), his twin Artemis(hunting), Hermes(thieves) and Dionysus(wine)

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Twitter Expert Blog Post

For my Genius Hour project, I had to follow at least ten people related to my topic, which was animation and its history. I followed @animchronicles, a twitter account about the history of animation. I also followed @AMBartist, a storyboard artist and animator who teaches others about animation. I also followed @2DArtbot, an automated account that searches for twitter posts about art and animation, @FoxxfyrreDraws, an artist who makes drawing tutorials. I then followed @BlackParasite1, an artist who does 3D modeling, and @ema_colombo, a motion designer and editor, and @edfilmsworld, an animation studio that makes tutorials. I then followed @BloopAnimation, a blog that has tutorials on animation, as well as @upuno, a claymation studio, and @AnimationMentor, an online animation school. I followed all of these people to be able to get a better understanding of how the different forms of animation work, and I put them in a list. All these accounts are about animation or drawing. I asked @BlackParasite1 what programs they used; I asked @2DArtbot if they would retweet more animations; I asked @edfilmsworld which tutorials I should start with; I asked @FoxxfyrreDraws if he knew any tutorials about flash animation, I asked @upuno what tutorials they had; I asked @BloopAnimation if they had articles on animation’s history; I asked @animchronicles if they would continue their series on animation history; I asked @AMBartist what he would recommend for someone who isn’t familiar with animating; I asked @ema_colombo if he was continuing his animation series, and finally I asked @AnimationMentor if they had any video tutorials on animation. However, I was late in finding experts and in asking questions. However, the information I asked would help me understand some basic functions of the animation process. Later on, @upuno followed me back. They also responded by answering my question. @ema_colombo also answered the question I asked him. @AMBartist was a little confused at what I meant, but after some conversation he set me on the right track. @edfilmsworld asked me what I wanted to learn, but I had somehow missed the notification, so I didn’t respond. Then @upuno gave me a link to some claymation tutorials. I may use this process for a future project in another class, if I have enough time to wait for a response. I think the main flaw of this process is the waiting due to people being in different parts of the world.

Greek Food

My father is Greek, so naturally I have eaten a lot of Greek food. One of these foods is Spanakopita. Spanakopita is a type of Greek pie with spinach and sometimes onions and cheese as well. It is very tasty and has a nice crust around it. My father once bought one for me, and I ate the whole thing! Another Greek food I love is Oktapodi- ‘octopus’ in Greek. This is octopus cut up into small pieces that can be eaten in one bite. It is sometimes grilled or it can be boiled. When it is boiled, it is typically served in olive oil. Another food I like is Kalamarakia, fried squid. Usually they are small squids that can be eaten in a few bites. 

Andi Of Longmeadow Farm. Spanakopita. Photograph. Greek, n.d. 4- November 2015

Genius Hour Reflection

For my Genius hour project I researched Space Travel. I was somewhat interested by that topic. I learned how thrust propels rockets. I also learn how space travel is funded. I would give myself an 80% for reaching the basic standards but forgetting some things and not pushing myself. My project didn’t help my community, but I did learn more information that might be useful. Fro my next project, I will add more pictures and try to do something more unique. For a future project, I would like to study the history of animation, the history of film, and Ancient Egypt.

My Genius Hour

My New Widget

I have just added a new widget to my page. It is called “My Calendar.” I chose this widget because I wanted to be able to see the date. I originally wanted to add ClustrMaps. Using that, I could have been able to see how many people were visiting my blog at different times. However, the website that had that widget wasn’t working for whatever reason. I decided to chose a different widget because it was taking too long and there were too many different steps required to get it to work. I then decided I was going to add a much simpler widget. The other visitor-counting widgets weren’t appealing. Most of the other widgets weren’t very useful or practical. I decided the only practical widget would be a calendar. I decided “My Calendar” was the most appealing, so I chose that.

Krause, Robert. A calendar for doublesided DIN-A4. 2012 Web. 23-Oct-2015

Success in School

How to be Successful in School

Something to always remember when trying to be successful is that you should always get to class on time. Tardies do have an effect on your grade, so make sure you know what class you have next. You should also know how to create goals for yourself. If you don’t want to succeed, you won’t succeed. Don’t forget to take notes. Notes are very important, otherwise, you have to remember everything in your brain. Notes on the day’s lesson can help you figure out your homework.

Another important thing to remember is that you should never think that your assignment is impossible. You can do it- you just need to pay attention in class and be motivated. One way to save time is too organize at home. When you have extra time at home, organize your work so you don’t have to rummage through your bag. I would recommend a folder or better yet, a binder, to sort your work.

3 Basic tips:
1. Never wait until the last minute to finish work.

2. Always be motivated.

3. Make sure you understand your work before you do it, read questions carefully.

Here is a link for help.

Livia McCoy. Education is the key to success. 2014. teacherwise. wordpress Web 20 September, 2015.

Ifeoma Frances. Success round. 2011. franchomaservices blogspot Web 20 September, 2015.

What changed my life.

Two weeks before the end of the school year, I became getting migraines. Not only my head was hurting, but my eyes, too. I went to the doctor to get an x-ray, but nothing was found. MY grandma said I should go to Belgium to double-check. My mother an I had to leave my sister and father behind. We left to Belgium, and went to a hospital in Gent. It was the same hospital my mother’s uncle worked at. They had found a blood clot. After spending a week in the hospital, the doctors said I could leave. This event impacted my life because I know have to take medication at specific times of day in order to heal the blood clot, because even thought it doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s still swollen.

Advice for the 7th Graders

If I had to give one piece of advice to future 8th graders, it is to time wisely. You should always at least start your projects on the first day. If you start your projects on the day you are assigned, you will have more time to do other things. You will also be less stressed. You should make sure to always write assignments in your agenda. Never wait until the last minute. Stalling will only make the work harder. That is my biggest piece of advice. Good luck, future 8th graders.