GH #2 Reflection

For my Genius hour, I did a presentation on the different kinds of animation and the history of animation. I chose it because I like watching animated movies and shows. I learn many things about animation’s history, including about early forms of projection and moving picture. I also learned about when the first animation studios came out and what the first animated films were. Also, I learned about many different styles animation. This experience made me better appreciate the amount of work that goes into animation, especially for older films. I also became more interested in making animation. I didn’t change much from the previous presentation, but I ended up using less pictures, which was definitely negative. For the next project I will try to put much more pictures. The presentation probably won’t help many people, but it could help people discover an interest in animation. That way, they may get a hobby in the field or even a job. For my third project, I will do a presentation on the European Immigration crisis. I hope that this future presentation will make people more aware of it. Link to Animation Project.


Walt Disney Studios. Steamboat Willie. Poster. Walt Disney Studios, 1928. Web January 24 2016


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